Divya Jyothi region, Balasore

Divya Jyothi Region Balasore




Pavithratma province of Jagadalpur considering its vastness of area and diversity in culture was bifurcated in 2009 to mark the birth of a new region – Divya Jyothi. The new region consists of the convents in the states of Orissa, Jharkhand and Bihar. Sr. Elsa Kizhakkayil is the regional superior and Sr. Tessina Pathil and Sr. Alice Naduvileparambil serve as the councillors of the new region. The sisters are actively involved in the area by working in schools, dispensaries and health centres.






Provincial Superior    : Mother Ritty Changankary

Vicar Provincial         : Sr.Jessmaria Vadakkekunnel

2nd Councillor            : Sr. Alice Naduvileparambil

Address:  Mother Ritty Changankary,Divya Jyothi Regional House, Garhdeulia, Mayurbhanj Dt.Orissa,

                Balasore- 737082: e-mail : divyajyoti099@gmail.com